Are SilentNight memory foam mattresses that good? Customer reviews

Lets take a look at SilentNight memory foam mattresses:

Silentnight Mattress 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress
An exquisite memory foam layer awaits users of this Silentnight 3-Zone memory foam mattress. This product is designed to target 3 support zones for better comfort and nourish your health providing alignment to your spine as you sleep. The mattress provides 18 cm high quality foam layer that ensures even weight and pressure distribution all over the mattress while it conforms to your body’s contours. It is hypoallergenic, dust resistant and comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Customer reviews:
Erik says:

I have wanted to buy a new mattress and I came across this in a discount store. I right away decided to buy this mattress but I thought of checking this item at Amazon, last minute! And I found out that it was cheaper buy $70! So I bought it and indeed it was an excellent mattress. With my Prime membership, I received the item in good time and was privileged to have this product on a one month free trial. Packaged in a box of manageable size I opened it so that it will expand. Take into consideration that once this is opened, it can never get back to the box.

The note said that I will wait for about 24 hours to let this mattress regain its true form but I think that was long for in my case it took shorter than 24 hours. I tried it after it has been fully expanded. Mattress like this is suitable with fitted sheets. Upon having tested this mattress, I feel very comfortable in it compared to my old mattress, though which seemed to be very, very old. I don’t have negative issues on this mattress even that so-called chemical smell. This product comes at a good price and good service!

This Silentnight mattress came easy to carry because it was rolled up just enough to pop it up on the rear of your car. However, this 5-layered rolled up mattress can never be rolled up again once it’s been unpacked.

Before I purchased this mattress, I have an old spring mattress that really caused me back aches from time to time, which was the reason I bought this product. But with this Silentnight mattress, those back aches were gone! From what I heard about memory foams, I was expecting smell, but fortunately there was none with this one! It took almost 2 days for the mattress to fully gain its form and upon lying on it, only joy and comfort I felt. I sunk into it but not too sunk, just enough for me to feel dreamy.

Just to say, this mattress is shorter by an inch or two than a standard mattress. Never the less, this product is great.

John says:

I haven’t tried memory foam mattresses before so I don’t know what factors I need to look into when buying one. Purchasing this product was not a sure deal for me but still I bought it. A slight roll together with my partner was the thing I noticed when we first tried this mattress. But then it was due to our flat divan base that wasn’t completely so we had to put it on a wooden slatted base and it felt a lot better!

This mattress gave me a warm, positive welcome on how it feels like sleeping on a memory foam and got me hooked up into it even my partner. For several times I’ve been sleeping on the mattress, I felt to back pains. Maybe you can fine d a better one at a higher price that meets your preferences but with this we are satisfied already considering the amount we paid.

Silentnight Mattress 7-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress
This Silentnight mattress consist of a splendid memory foam layer that provides optimum support and comfort while responding to your body’s contours creating even distribution of weight and pressure as you sleep. Designed to target 7 support zones, this memory foam mattress offers improved comfort and spinal alignment. This 20 cm thick layer of high quality foam is hypoallergenic so don’t worry if you have sensitive skin. It is also resistant to dust mites and have a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Customer reviews:
Igor says:

Warning! This mattress contains addictive features so don’t wonder if you find yourself being addicted to this once you have it, I tell you. I used to wake up with back pains on my previous mattress but with this I felt none. To my surprise, I feel a change on my posture, after waking up I noticed that I walk more upright than before. This mattress has remarkable qualities that had me love it especially its warm, comfortable feel. So much for the price I paid for.

It was rolled and packed in a presentable way, which I think should be. It have some odor, I guess this is something they put to keep the product fresh and clean. I suggest you have an open space to let this odor come out o live with it for a couple of days. Let it expand fully and leave it as it is for a few hours before you put on the sheets otherwise the odor will stick to it.

With its price and quality, I say this is a good deal. I suggest you buy a memory foam mattress topper to keep this mattress clean, if ever you decide to buy it.

Eliot says:

If you ask me how does it feel to sleep on a Silentnight mattress 7-zone memory foam, I would just say, “it’s like sleeping on a bed of clouds.” Its exquisite comfort and support had surprised me a lot especially how it adjusts to my body contours and how it adopts to my spine. Amazing comfort and support, I couldn’t ask for more, I’m looking forward to experience this life-long.

Some advice:

Deal with this mattress at a price of $179.99.
The odor will be out if you have a well ventilated room.
Have this mattress expand in a warm room.
In my case, it fully expanded less than 24 hours even though the manual says it to be 24 hours.

Latex Mattress Comparison

With the massive quantity of bed types on the market these days it can be terribly confusing when shopping for one. Attempting to choose between an air, spring, latex, or memory foam mattress, along with a water bed, can be terribly difficult. If your recent bed is worn out and you’re shopping for a replacement latex or memory foam mattress there are some necessary bedding essentials that you should know. All mattresses are not made equal and knowing the variations can help you choose what one is best for you. This is often why memory foam and Latex Mattress Reviews are important.

Comfort is certainly one of the high priorities when buying a bed. And when it comes to comfort a latex mattress will not disappoint as over 90% of latex bed owners say they are comfortable.

There is not a bed made that will not sag over time, but a latex mattress will sag much less than different varieties of mattresses. When put next with a memory foam mattress they also do not typically get quite as warm. Holding onto body heat is a memory foam characteristic which explains why a number of people do not like this kind of bedding. Memory foam is additionally famous for giving off an unpleasant odor when new, something that doesn’t take place with a latex mattress.

Latex is a rubber that comes from tree sap which makes them eco friendly. They’re also a “healthful” bedding material as they’re hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. This makes them a nice option for people plagued by allergic reactions. They’re also resistant to fire and pests.

Latex beds are not flawless though. They’ve got a couple of disadvantages that you should understand. Latex is extraordinarily heavy and can be terribly difficult to move. If you intend on keeping it in the identical spot forever the weight won’t be a drawback, but it can be a massive job if you ever decide to relocate it. However, their weight can also be a positive. Being so dense makes them extraordinarily long-lasting.

The key disadvantage of a latex mattress is its lofty price. You can expect to pay a heap of money for this kind of bed, typically $2,000 or even more. However, you might purchase a $500 bed that only lasts for several years whereas a latex bed will last abundantly longer, up to 25 years. In comparison, a memory foam mattress can last up to 15 years if they’re turned over sometimes to prevent sagging.

A full memory foam mattress follows the contour of the body which reduces the weight on any particular body part such as the hips or shoulders. This will cause the weight to be spread over a larger area which decreases pressure in these areas, permitting you to experience a more peaceful snooze. One of the big factors for memory foam’s popularity is due to the fact that many lower back pain sufferers find relief from their discomfort with this kind of bedding material.

Making a decision on what kind of bedding material is right for you requires plenty of thought. The two issues that will have the most impact on your decision are cost and comfort.

Determining just how much you want to pay isn’t as easy as taking a look at the price tag. A perfect method to figure overall price would be to divide the total price by the number of years the bedding material will last. This will let you know just how much the mattress will cost you each year and is a sensible technique to check costs between beds. You might assume that a $500 bed is cheaper than a $2,000 bed, but if the $500 bed lasts merely 4 years it will be more expensive on a yearly basis than a $2,000 bed that lasts for 30 years.

Sorry to say, the only positive way to tell if a bedding material is comfy is to sleep on it. Lying down on a mattress for two minutes in the store isn’t a real test. Take your time when shopping, even if you have to lie on a bed for an hour or more. If you’re pondering buying a memory foam mattress you can get a less expensive memory foam bed topper and use that until it wears out. This will help you decide if purchasing a full memory foam mattress is best for you before spending a heap of money on a full mattress.

Buy Latex Mattress Online

For Our Bodies to function Properly, We Need to sleep at least seven to eight hours in a day. If we are Constantly interrupted by neck pain and shoulder strains, we wake up feeling tired, irritable and sore. Many people rush out to buy expensive to mattresses, dog Which of course help with posture, But They Always forget about pillows. Here is Where the answer lies in your solution to Our bad sleep patterns and Ache in the morning – you need a really good latex foam pillow.

Mother earth has Provided us with a natural rubber latex is made from Which, in rubber tress Which are sapped and Cultivated Especially for a myriad of products like tires, pillows, foam mattresses and so on. These trees are grown in the hot climates of Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and South America.

Then There Is Also the type of synthetic latex Which Is Entirely processed in a factory, using Chemicals and secret ingredients. This latex is just as Successful in it ‘s natural rubber usage as the bi-product tree and Even Some prefer using it as opposable to the rubber from a tree. Their Reasoning is vast, But the main one Being the Prevention of soil erosion in poor villages.

If you Suffer from allergies, Then sleeping on a latex pillow is going to keep the dust mites at bay. The rubber is a natural repellent, so you do not needed to wash your pillows continuously. Breathing Is Also Made Easier When We lie on Our Side as the foam rubber air aids to pass through the pillow.

Of course the most important aspect of sleeping on Such a great pillow, is the Fact That It Helps Prevent Necks sore and stiff shoulder blade and shoulder strains or During the Night. You will feel refreshed When you wake up and dog ‘t wait to start your day pain free. Sleep on a latex pillow for a FEW nights to Get Used to the contour Before You Think Otherwise, It Takes Some Time Getting Used to the luxurious feel of the soft foam.

Night sweats are a thing of the Past when it comes to sleeping on a latex pillow. Because most body heat escapes of Our-through the head and face, Sweat will wake you up as you try to find a cool dry spot or on your pillow. Now you Do not have to worry about face and head sweats anymore, as latex Keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Granted it does cost a bit more Than the hollow fiber or standard feather pillow, But It will last three times as long. They Do Not Become lumpy and They Do Not gather mites. Not So replacements are NECESSARY for a very long time.

A latex foam pillow Literally Can change your life, you will sleep and will feel rejuvenated Better Each morning, a good mattress to add to the mix and you are ready to Sleep Through Interruptions Without ever again. So get yours at Any Which Specializes in beds store, online or offline Both. But if you do Happen That to pass a shop sells them, pop in your pillow and test drive today.

Can a Mattress Be Mended? Read More….

Can a mattress be mended? Mattresses is often highly-priced but they also impact how you really feel from day to day. A poor night’s sleep can ruin an entire day, so when a mattress begins to show signs of wear you could wish to repair it and keep in great condition so long as doable to delay pricey new purchases. Mending a mattress is often hard or straightforward. Evaluating the issue along with your mattress will assist you to recognize whether or not it is actually a matter of a straightforward fix or if it’s time to go shopping.

Mend Smaller Rips in your mattress.

A small rip inside the surface fabric of your mattress is one thing most any individual can mend, providing you know tips on how to sew. Minor tears within the stitching or other fabric on the outside of a mattress may be stitched. Locate a matching color thread, pull the tear together and sew some stitching into the fabric to hold it in place. You might wish to sew a bit farther than the rip essentially extends to reinforce the material and prevent the weak location from reopening.

How you can Mend Exposed Coils in your spring Mattress.

When you have exposed coils in your mattress, you might likely need to replace it extremely soon. There is no practical technique to repair this sort of difficulty in a mattress aside from flipping it to the other side. Even using the exposed coils turned toward the bottom, the assistance mechanism inside the mattress is nonetheless compromised. It may perhaps be tolerable for a time, but a new mattress obtain isn’t too far within the future. In the event you don’t have a mattress you may flip more than then you can have to go ahead and replace it. The metal coils sticking out from the mattress can cause injury in your sleep. Even when you pad it, the edge of the metal could protrude via towards the surface.

Repair Air Mattress Leaks.

Sleeping on an air mattress is only achievable as long as the air stays within the mattress. Whenever you get a leak within your air mattress you will know it really soon as you feel your body sink towards the foundation below it and you really feel the material of the mattress collect around you. Despite the fact that this can be a critical air mattress dilemma, you may mend it simply utilizing a patch kit, assuming there isn’t a key rip within the material. Find the leak by pumping the mattress tight and running your hands more than the surface. Should you cannot uncover it this way, then spray the surface with soapy water. The leak will start to inflate bubbles at the internet site. Wipe off the water and mark the spot. Use an adhesive and patch to seal the leak as well as the mattress must be almost as beneficial as new. If there is a puncture you could have the ability to use a tire plugging kit to repair it.

Mending your Memory Foam Mattress.

If your innerspring mattress is beginning to sag and is not permitting for a comfy or supportive night’s sleep anymore, you’ll find some possibilities. The best bet would be to replace it with a mattress that is both comfy and supportive. Short of that you can opt for a memory foam topper. Purchase 1 of these toppers at a mattress shop and location it on best of the mattress to create it firmer, much more supportive and typically a lot more comfortable. When you have a memory foam mattress, however, then mending is not as simple of a process. Rips in memory foam toppers could potentially be closed having a foam adhesive, but this is not a good quality fix. If the memory foam mattress is worn out more than time it cannot be mended so, there is not significantly you’ll be able to do aside from replacing it entirely

Raised Air Mattress – The Many Benefits of Air Mattresses

How many of us would love to have overnight guests in our home, yet we fail to issue invitations because we don’t have enough beds for them to sleep in? This was not as much of a problem a couple of generations ago when it was standard practice to keep a guest bedroom. But nowadays, the guest bedroom is not so common anymore. When we do have guests over they may wind up sleeping on the couch or taking over the bedroom of one of the family members.

The advent of full-sized, heavy duty air mattresses began to change that scenario some 20 years ago. But even those early models were not all that great when compared to what we have today. In 2011, we can purchase a raised air mattress which can be just as comfortable as a traditional, permanent bed. In fact, there are people who give up their inner spring mattresses and box springs and opt to permanently sleep on a raised air mattress.

Definition of a Raised Air Mattress
Think of a raised air mattress in terms of being an extra thick air mattress, or even being two standard air mattresses stacked together. Essentially, a raised air mattress provides a second air chamber underneath that acts as a box spring and elevates the mattress off the floor. By acting as a box spring, this lower level provides a lot more comfort and support. And by raising the mattress off the floor makes it easier to get in and out of the bed as well.

What makes a raised air mattress such a good option for temporary bedding is the fact that at the end of your guest’s stay you simply deflate it and store it away somewhere. With this type of mattress there’s no need for a specific guest room or an extra bed frame and mattress that only gets used once or twice a year. It is the ultimate convenience for those who need temporary sleep solutions on a regular basis, but not frequently enough to establish a guest room.

Features, Features, and More Features
Like any product we buy, some air mattress models have more features than others. Depending on which of those features are important to you, you can spend anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars on a raised air mattress. At the very least there are a couple of things you should be looking for in order to ensure you get a quality product. The first of those is an electric pump.

An electric pump will save you, and your mouth, the hassle of trying to inflate one of these mattresses the old-fashioned way. Electric pumps typically plug into a standard wall outlet and can inflate your mattress in a matter of minutes. More expensive units might even offer two additional features: the ability to plug into a cigarette lighter for portability, and the ability to act as a vacuum in order to ensure complete deflation of the mattress.

The second feature that’s pretty much a necessity is a multiple baffle and air chamber system. In other words, you don’t want your raised air mattress to have just a single chamber to hold all the air. Those that do are much more likely to deflate and lose support throughout the night. With two separate air chambers, and multiple baffles within each, you get the most support and the least amount of deflation. Two separate air chambers are a must.

Within those air chambers should be baffles. The best air mattresses have multiple baffles to help provide even support across the entire surface of the mattress. In theory, the more baffles you have the more supportive the mattress will be. Just be careful to find a mattress whose baffling system allows air to flow from one baffle to the next. You’ll need this to compensate for a shift in body weight every time you move in bed. By having multiple baffles with air circulation between them your partner is a lot less likely to feel your movements.

Other features that may be important to you include a plush top, built-in pillows, floor grips, and walls that accommodate deep pocket fitted sheets. Just remember that the more features you add the more likely the price will go up. When shopping for a raised air mattress you have to take into consideration how much you want to spend and what features are really important to you. Regardless of the mattress you choose, be aware of the product warranty and what it does and does not cover.

At Home or Away
Typically we think of raised air mattresses as a temporary sleep solution at home. However, many people use them camping as well. They don’t fit so well in a small sized tent, but for a large cabin tent, RV, or even a rental cabin, a raised air mattress can give you a comfortable night’s sleep that may rival your bed at home. As long as you are careful to protect it from some of the inherent hazards of camping your raised air mattress should be fine.

Along with camping is another alternative for the raised air mattress: hotel stays. It is not uncommon when families travel to all share a room together. But what usually ends up happening is mom and dad get one bed, two siblings get another bed, and the remainder must sleep on a cot. By bringing along a raised air mattress mom and dad can save the expense of having to rent cots while also providing a comfortable sleep for their children. In the morning, simply deflate the mattress and store it away.

Raised air mattresses have a multitude of uses that make them a very consumer friendly product. There are many manufacturers of these mattresses so take your time when shopping around. As long as you buy a quality product from a company you can trust, your raised air mattress should provide you with years of reliable service.

What Is an Average Height for a Box Spring & Mattress From the Floor

Do you need to know What Is an Average Height for a Box Spring & Mattress From the Floor? read on. If you’re an average person you sleep eight hours a night — at the very least a third of your life. For that reason, the selection of the best box springs and mattress toppers becomes considerable. The best mattress will not only enable you to have a much better night’s sleep, but also the appropriate height for your mattress/ box spring combination will assist you superior carry out your day-to-day activities around the bedroom.

Historical Perspectives

Based on the Improved Sleep Council, the very first beds appeared throughout the Neolithic period 10,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until the time of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt that the bed moved up off the floor. The frame and mattress set up came along in the 18th century and, inside the 19th century, came the coil spring mattress. Nevertheless, no normal height for a box springs and mattress ever emerged. Rather, depending upon the bed, there were some general consistencies in height with some box spring and mattress sets. Your ideal bet for obtaining a mattress/ box springs combination that suits you is usually to test several till you uncover the right 1.

Platform Beds
At time of publication, the average bed frame stands about 7 ½ inches from the floor, three inches taller than the low boy style that was common about 1990. On the other hand, while this quantity of space provides you plenty of foot room and allows you to shop some items for example shoes under the bed, it does have its drawbacks. When you have to have a lot more storage space under the bed, a platform bed with drawers might give you an additional 18 inches of space under the bed. In this scenario, the average bed height with frame, mattress and box springs will go from about 17 inches to 27 inches from the floor if you substitute the platform for the normal bed frame.

Specialty Beds
Queen Anne or Victorian style beds tend to stand greater from the ground than other varieties of beds. The frames of these beds commonly range from five inches to 18 inches in height. Thus, the height of these beds can range from 14 inches to 23 inches or a lot more should you figure in a box springs height of 9 inches. Again, there are actually variables. Some box springs measure as little as 4 inches and mattress heights can vary at the same time.

Other Considerations
Mainly because no regular bed height exists, the Much better Sleep Council recommends utilizing the E.A.S.E. Strategy when you are in search of a brand new bed. The “E” in this equation asks you to evaluate your current mattress. The “A” lets you arm yourself with understanding about your bedding needs. The “S” suggests which you shop around for the most effective mattress as well as the final “E” tells you to make certain high quality.

Keeping this in mind, keep in mind that a mattress/ box springs set that measures 16 to 24 inches represents the average height of most beds and provides you the most comfortable sitting height. For those who have a poor back and bending is an concern, then gravitate toward the 24-inch bed; it’ll make altering the sheets less difficult for you.

Great Sofabed Mattress

Wondering why it is best to worry about obtaining the mattress for sofa bed replaced? You have guests and visitors that come over to your home for an overnight stay, that’s why. You would like to be a fantastic host or hostess, so make sure you get a sofabed mattress that may accommodate them and not make them uncomfortable like most do. Most of the time the sofabed mattress experience goes some thing like this: the guest gets jammed in the back all night long with the metal bar that comes with the sofabed, and it makes them so uncomfortable that they can’t sleep, or they wake up having a hurt back. They do not desire to say anything about it, but the next time you invite them over, they politely decline. You might not have necessarily lost a friend, but your bonding with them could possibly be detracted from.

When you wisely go get a mattress for sofa bed which is created out of memory foam, it will be like your friendship has been resurrected and taken to a distinctive level. Naturally, you will need to do some thing to lure them back to wanting to provide you with a second attempt. Tell them that your sofabed mattress is created with “that stuff” that NASA used for its astronauts to greater take the G-forces that are put on their bodies. Say that the memory foam material is way overdoing it, but that they’ll appreciate it like absolutely nothing they have ever enjoyed sleeping on before in their life. Finally, tell them you might be sorry that you ever let them sleep on the stinking mattress for sofa bed that you had in place before and that it won’t ever take place once again mainly because you’ve replaced it with memory foam.

Then the next time your guests come, they’ll for sure sleep a lot greater and have you to thank for it mainly because you were somewhat bit a lot more compassionate in your sofabed mattress selection this time. They will have forgiven you, and all are going to be well. Oh, one a lot more factor. You could also attempt the mattress for sofa bed which is created from latex, too. It’s a lot like memory foam however it is natural, you know, just in case your guests have specific skin or respiratory sensitivities, or just to be on the safe side of things. In any case, before you invite anybody over once again to stay overnight at your place, get a greater mattress for sofa bed!

A Latex Memory Foam Mattress Can Go Far By Assisting You To Have Much Better Sleep

Lots of people wonder why a latex memory foam mattress could be something that they need to get excited about. You’ll find numerous fantastic mattresses on the market, why ought one give any thought or consideration to the latex memory foam mattress? It really boils down to a matter with the distinction among a Ford Pinto along with a Ferrari. Needless to say the Ford Pinto would get an individual about from Point A to Point B, but would it do it really reliably and comfortably? That is what we are speaking about in regards to a latex memory foam mattress when it comes to sleep. You may sleep much greater with latex memory foam mattresses than you would with other foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses. You get what you pay for.

What you’re paying for whenever you purchase the latex memory foam mattress is often a mattress that’s going to be with you a really long time. It can be so durable and elastic the truth is, that it is going to be around in excess of 20 years. Okay, so you most likely desire to know why it is has latex and memory foam within the name, correct? Nicely, basically it comes down to people getting the two varieties confused simply because they are much alike, whilst at the same time somewhat distinct. There is the latex mattress, after which there is the memory foam mattress. No, the latex memory foam mattress just isn’t a hybrid. It can be normally just a latex foam mattress, but latex is really much like memory foam. With latex you will also be cradled by the material and it is going to shape to your body as you lie in it. But in contrast to memory foam, latex isn’t so hot. Anyway, go ahead and call it a latex memory foam mattress if you like, but recognize that it can be a latex foam mattress. I’ll go into the distinction among the two.

So the latex foam mattress is created from the sap of a tree and is natural, whilst the memory foam mattress is created of oil byproducts, or petrochemicals. Thus, the one is safer and less of an irritant and the other might cause allergies and irritation. The latex memory foam mattress as it can be called is normally a much greater option simply because it is going to endure longer and is a lot more elastic. It has a lot more give and won’t cause a sinkhole soon after numerous months or years. An additional benefit with the latex memory foam mattress is that you can normally get them made-to-order, or customized, so that you’re sleeping on just the best firmness for you personally. All of the factors given above make the latex memory foam mattress a fairly fantastic option for your bed.

Are memory foam pillows that good?

Getting a good night sleep is absolutely important for staying healthy. But unfortunately, many of us suffer from sleeplessness, which is mostly because of the uncomfortable pillow that we have under our heads. But finding a comfortable pillow is not that difficult. There is a very little competition in memory foam pillows in terms of comfort. A memory foam pillow is fundamentally different from the conventional pillow that we have made out of cotton and feathers. However, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind while you are shopping for memory foam pillows.

Check the quality!
The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that although memory foam pillows are more comfortable than the conventional pillows, however we should always be careful enough to go to the market and check out the quality of the pillow with our own eyes. If you do not do that then there are chances that you could end up buying low quality product for yourself; which is going to make you as comfortable as any other pillow. So basically there is no point in spending extra bucks on buying a memory foam pillow that still keeps you uncomfortable at night.

Select the proper size!
Another factor that you should keep in mind is that whatever pillow you select for yourself, it should be the right size for you. You can measure the correct size of your pillow very easily. All you need to do is to see whether you sleep on side mostly or you sleep in straight position most of the times. If you mostly sleep on sides then you should choose a thick pillow whose thickness is almost equal to the width of your shoulder from your neck. If you are a straight sleeper then you should use a thin pillow. If you choose the wrong size, it will make your neck twist instead of providing a suitable support to it and as a result your neck will ache the next morning or you will not be able to sleep the whole night.

Choose the cover
Once you have selected the right size of memory foam pillow for yourself, then look at the cover that this pillow is coming with. The color is important as well the stuff with which it is covered. There are many pillows that come in beautiful and fancy coverings made out of luxurious fabrics. They do not need to be covered after you buy them. Their initial cost is a bit higher but they do look extremely beautiful. Getting the color of these pillows is important for matching them with the color tone of your bedroom. However, if it does not come with cover, then you do not need to worry about all this stuff.

Stain resistance
Stain resistance is another quality that is playing a key role in determining what memory foam pillow the customers will buy and which they will not buy. It is very common for the families, especially with children to pour something or drop it on the bed or the pillow. Especially during the pillow fights, they may get stained or children might lay dirty hands on them. Therefore, high stain resistance is an additional quality that the customers look for in the memory foam pillows these days so that they do not have to be washed.

And last but not the least is the price factor. There are budget limitations in everything and everywhere nowadays, especially due to the cash crunch that the world is going through. If the memory foam pillow is too expensive and does not fit in your budget limitation then it would not be a good idea to buy it and disturb your budget for the whole month. Going with high brand names may guarantee quality and prestige but at the same time they are many times expensive than their rivals available in the market for more or less the same quality. This is a factor that you should always keep in mind while shopping for your memory foam pillow.

Keep in mind that memory foam pillow does not suit everybody and therefore it is highly advised that you actually visit the shop and experience its feel before you spend your money on actually buying it.

Memory Foam Pillow Reviews
I am into my seventies now and suffer from back ache and neck ache problem. My doctor advised me to use memory foam pillow. I tried two memory foam pillows on the recommendation of my friends but both of them could not make my night sleep comfortable and I kept on waking up with stiff back and neck muscles. Finally, I came across Tempurpedic Memory Foam Pillow on and I must say, what a fine discovery it is. It has really helped me off in taking the pain out of back and neck muscles and put me to sleep with comfort.

One of the great features of this ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillows is that – as advertised by the name they actually stay cool during the night and unlike all the other memory foam pillows available out there in the market it does not get too soft to hold your neck after absorbing your body heat. Another advantage is that in the winters it does not feel like a stone until you get it warm. This pillow is perfect for everyone who wants to have a good night sleep and transforms nicely when you switch from side to side or lay on your back.

I am a successful businessman who keeps busy in the office all day long and when I return back home I want only one thing and that is comfortable night sleep. But unfortunately, I was not able to have it due to the pillow that I had. As I do not have any issue of resources, I did not hesitate even to import pillows for my comfort from off-shore places but it was to no avail. At last, one of my old friends recommended Memory Foam Pillow to me. He told me that he had used it and it was good but I could not believe him at first.

Despite the scepticism I went on to order Memory Foam Pillow from and I now thank my friend for recommending such a nice pillow to me. It really is a piece of work. It does not take ages to shape when you change sides or lay down on your back. Unlike the other memory foam pillows that get too hot at night, you do not have to get up midnight due to the intense heat of your pillow. I have finally found a comfortable sleep.

I am a disabled woman. My son is very nice to me and supports me in every way he can. He got a nice mattress for me to get me comfortable but the pillows that he kept bringing for me did not work at all. They were all memory foam pillows, I must mention, but none of them worked like they promised. They all had their problems. Some were too saggy and I just sunk into them and could not change side. The others were too stiff and made my muscles uncomfortable.

A few days ago he bought me this amazing new memory foam pillow which was labelled as ISO-Cool. It was the contoured version. At first I felt like it was just another memory foam pillow claiming to be the solution to my problems, but once I started using it, it was amazing. It was just right; not too soft or hard and it would allow me to change sides or lay straight as I wanted. It gave a great support to my neck and shoulders muscles and I fell asleep like a kid. I did not have to wake up midnight due to heat. It was a whole new experience, thanks to Cool pillow.